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The rising tide of affluence has given today the advantages of technology and a range of opportunities but at the same time it has deteriorated the life style. How often we have heard and have been discussing about the simple life style our older generation enjoyed without the so called today’s luxury what perhaps is now consider as necessities of life. There were neither any stress management nor time management programs, more so, today’s buzz words work-life balance, detoxifying mind and soul, rejuvenation, weight reduction never seemed to exist back then. The very reason : the people in the past believed in mother earth. For them, the remedies were all in the nature, in the food. They always walked and cycled because they had no choice, as compared to today’s pompous cars or bikes. To support the very fact, walking and cycling are the two important activities we strictly add to our daily exercise routine today. Needless to say, that the entire world is now looking on the Ayurveda as an important part of life, Ayurvedic centers have been operating in every corners of the world. With Ayurveda entering the mainstream, with the growing awareness and the needs, the challenge today is to integrate the best of the different healing traditions and met the healthcare demands of contemporary world. 

To support this demanding need of Ayurveda sector, Sumukha emerged, to contribute to the mankind, society and nation. With an endeavor to help mankind lead a healthy and happy life, Sumukha was founded in the year 2006. Operating under the leadership team of Dr. Guheshwar B.Patil and Dr Ashwini Vastrad, and with the good grace of Dr. Eshwara Reddy, a renowned Ayurveda specialist in India, Sumukha gradually grew, carving out its niche in the sector. Operating successfully for over a decade, today it stands high among top prestigious centers.

Sumukha, as its name suggests, Su meaning auspicious/good and mukha meaning face in Sanskrit, holds true when it comes to the face imparting the true essence of a person’s health – physical and mental.

The ancient art and science of healing was Ayurveda. India, for its rich culture and tradition has in its wings Ayurveda and Yoga, what was dwindling. With an endeavour to uplift and restore the rich culture of Ayurveda and Yoga, Sumukha embarked on its journey taking in its stride tourism too.

Sumukha, is presently working on three main aspects – to bring awareness about Ayurveda and Yoga, provide a balance in physical and mental health of the people and Tourism as it firmly believes that for a healthy living and to be happy, Nature too has its vital role in it.

Nestled in the middle of the ancient temples of Haveri district in Karnataka, Sumukha is endowed with soothing and peaceful ambiance which sets in the visitors a unique feeling of tranquility. Situated at heart of the city, on a 10 acre campus, the center is surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes. At Sumukha, it is the relaxing way of life one can savour along with the customized treatments.

Contact Information

2nd cross A Block
Basaweswara Nagara

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  • Dr. Guheshwar B Patil, MD PhD
  • Dr Ashwini G Patil MD PhD

Our Services

  • Panchakarma
  • Treatments to all Diseases
  • Health Counselling
  • Diet Advise
  • yoga 

Contact Us

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