Shastika Shali Panda Sweda

Special rice is cooked in herbal decoction & tied in cotton cloth and then this hot pack massage is given all over the body for about 60 to 90 minutes. therapy is an excellent rejuvenation therapy.
therapy strengthens muscle tissues & boost up sport performance also useful in paralysis, arthritis, muscular & joint related ailments, Back Pain, Neck Pain and spinal Disorder etc.
also prescribed in clinical conditions like epilepsy, diabetic neuropathy. Moreover, these creamy rice massage services are guaranteed for excellence.

Duration : One hour
Course : 7 to 14 days

Contact Information

2nd cross A Block
Basaweswara Nagara

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  • Dr. Guheshwar B Patil, MD PhD
  • Dr Ashwini G Patil MD PhD

Our Services

  • Panchakarma
  • Treatments to all Diseases
  • Health Counselling
  • Diet Advise
  • yoga 

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