Arthritis: Janu basti, Abhyanga, Nadi sweda, Pottali sweda, Lepana,Basti and Diet
Spine Care: Greeva basti, Kati basti, Mud therapy and Patra pinda sweda
Allergy & Asthma Panchakarma like Nasya, Vamana and Virechana
Migraine: Shiro lepa, Nasya, Yoga, Dhyana and Diet
Skin Care/ Hair Care: Head massage, Whole body massage, Hair pack, shirodhara, Nasya and Diet
Psoriasis Virechana, Vamana, Jalouka\ Leech application
Diabetes: Oral medications, Diet, Yoga, Shirodhara and Basti
Male Impotence / Female Infertility: Virechana, Vamana, Uttarabasti, Basti and oral medication
Kidney Stones: Kidney stones will be treated without the intervention of surgery using safe and promising herbal oral medication.
Obesity: Udvartana, Virechana, Basti, Diet therapy, Mud therapy, Yoga and Pranayama
Uterine & Rectum Prolapsed: Oral medication , Yoni dhavana, Yoni and Guda pichu, Uttarabasti
Bleeding & Non Bleeding Piles: Oral medication , Kshara sutra, Diet, Yoga and surgical intervention if needed.

Treatments for the above sited disorders are available in Sumukha hospital with greater and satisfactory results. Line of treatment depends upon the vital factors like Prakruti, Duration of the disease, Age of the patient etc.

Contact Information

2nd cross A Block
Basaweswara Nagara

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  • Dr. Guheshwar B Patil, MD PhD
  • Dr Ashwini G Patil MD PhD

Our Services

  • Panchakarma
  • Treatments to all Diseases
  • Health Counselling
  • Diet Advise
  • yoga 

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